News letter – Sept 2010


GNAR is accepting candidate forms for the following positions on the Board of Directors:

  • President Elect – 1 yr
  • Treasurer – 1 yr
  • Secretary – 1 yr
  • Director – 3 yr
  • State alternate director – 1 yr

GNAR would love to consider you for one of these positions.  Please submit your candidate form by Tuesday September 14, 2010.  Candidate forms, to each member, have been sent via e-mail.  E-mail if you need a form.


Our Neighbors Table – GNAR is the sponsor for the Wednesday, September 29th meal at Our Neighbors Table in Amesbury.  Peggy DeLisle, C21 Heritage is the contact person for this community service event and she can be reached via e-mail or e-mail The meal, put on each week from Our Neighbors Table, costs approximately $1000.  GNAR is asking members to donate money towards this very important community service.  Peggy is also looking for a few more volunteers to help serve the meal on Wednesday, September 29th from 4-6pm.

Jeanne Geiger “Walk Against Violence” – Sunday, October 17this the annual Jeanne Geiger Walk Against Violence.  Nancy Purcell, Stone Ridge Properties, is the contact person for this GNAR fundraiser event.  Please contact Nancy Purcell via e-mail or if you would like to join the GNAR team and walk.


by Linda Varone

The use of Feng Shui to make subtle changes to a home space can create a serene and nourishing environment. The kind of home your clients are drawn to. When clients ask me what is the most important Feng Shui rule for selecting a home I tell them: “If you feel good in the space, if the space feels right to you, then your 98% of the way to a great Feng Shui home, the rest is fine-tuning.”

Here are 8 simple steps you use for Feng Shui in a Western way to energize and balance a house and make your prospective buyers fall in love with it.

Make the most of your connection with nature

Maximize your views of nature, let in sunlight and fresh air
ii. Keep window treatments simple

1.   Bring the outdoors in
.  Nature is healing – it calms and restores
.  Place plants and flowers through out your home

2.   Lighting: Human beings, like plants, are drawn to light
.  Place a chair, desk or worktable a sunny window
.  Place lamps where people would want to gather

3.  Color: The interplay of color and light
.  Always choose a wall color in the room you are going to paint
.  The cool sunlight of New England makes the use of warmer paint tones important: use

warm tones of your favorite colors

4.  Gathering spaces/cozy corners
.  Avoid furniture sprawl that prevents easy conversation
.  Enhance gathering by wise placement of lighting
.  Throw pillows add color and make a space more inviting
.  An area rug is a great way to cozy up a space

5.  Bedrooms as retreats
.  Make your bedroom different from any other room in the house
.  No computer, and ideally no TV in the bedroom

6.  The Home Office – a deal breaker for many buyers
.  Set up in an extra or under-used (guest) room
.  Locate the desk near a window for views and natural light

7.  Objects that nourish the spirit
.  Energize the home with personal mementos
.  Things that remind you of similar people, places and events they love

Linda Varone, MA, CFS, instructor at the MAR Conference & Tradeshow, is a Best of Boston® winning Feng Shui consultant, author and professional speaker.  She has headed her firm, Nurturing Spaces, since 1991.


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