GNAR Annual Meeting

The annual GNAR meeting was held  on October 28, 2010 at The Amesbury Sports Park.  70 people attended an enjoyed a very nice breakfast buffet featuring eggs Benedict, fruit, bagels, assorted pastries and coffee as a prelude to the morning’s agenda. A sunny mild day complimented the nicely arranged hosted facility and set the tone for positive presentations by Officers and Committees. GNAR gratefully acknowledges and thanks; The Institution for Savings for their generous sponsorship of the event.

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 whereby Members and guest were welcomed. Of note was the fact that a past tradition of a breakfast meetings for this event had been revisited for the occasion and by many accounts was well received. Also noted was that the past year’s three primary GNAR membership events had been held in three different communities primarily serviced by our organization.

Richard Jones, President of the Institution and event sponsor spoke briefly and addressed the current business climate. He described in part some of the Institutions progressive plans and programs as related thereto.  He commented on the historical significance of his bank and its continued  commitment of service to  local communities

Linda Knight read the minutes of the 2009 Annual meeting which were accepted without objection.

The Presidents Report by Mary Holmes contained the following highlights:

  • The development of a “Power of Team” theme and attitude by the board members as the basis for the administration’s work model’
  • Recognition of the need to react and adapt to the significant impact of the dynamics of todays economy and remain a positive asset to our membership with the efficiencies required by these times.
  • Early in the year GNAR received a 66% increase in the GNAR Property tax which was successfully restored to the previous level by securing an abatement through the outstanding efforts of a team of savvy volunteers.
  • As part of the team approach concept, the Board of Directors established a number committees to address the needs and mandates of the Association. It is of some interest that each board member is also an active participant on a committee
  • Based on a membership survey, the linear Caravan format was reinstated. by this action we are able to introduce speakers, have tutorials, review new laws and communicate other matters of relevance.
  • Congratulations to the Affiliate committee for doubling it s members from 20 to 40
  • The ROTY committee planned and executed a wonderfully colorful event with 100 plus people in attendance and not only beat their budget but produced a $650 profit.
  • Government affairs promoted an enthusiastic Realtor Day on the Hill
  • Professional Development continued to add new programs while maintaining all mandatory classes
  • The GNAR Mini Golf tournament  RPAC fundraiser was a success on many levels.  49 members signed up. We achieved our 100% member participation goal with  RPAC. We applied for and received grant money from RPAC due in great part to their recognition of the unique promotional concept.
  • The organizations Policy and Procedure Manual has been updated with four of the six sections presently at NAR for review and approvals and the remaining two sections needng review by the GNAR BOD.
  • Our Neighbors Table, one of our supported community support programs was serviced by 11 volunteers from GNAR and by other members donations we were able to contribute twice  our pledge.
  • We have increased our operational effectiveness through procedural improvement and employing efficiency tool s such as as online banking
  • Wow! another of our sponsored community support efforts; The Jeanne Geiger Walk committee which initially had a goal of $250 actually raised $1,085 and still counting with the  volunteers sporting our new GNAR T-shirts.

Mary concluded by extending, on behalf of the Board of Directors, a heart-felt and very large thank you to the Committee members, our generous sponsors, volunteers, financial contributors and general membership for their positive efforts and accomplishments in exemplifying – THE POWER OF TEAM.

Sally Laffley presented the Finance committee report with an overview of its 2010 objectives and accomplishments. The bookkeeping system was restructured for better organization, more transparency and clarification of specific expenditures. The system was changed over from a Cash Basis to an Accrual allowing for better cash flow control and a better picture of the organizations financial position. An arduous task, well done by this committee. A request for proposals have been submitted for accounting services and submissions will be reviewed by the board for selection.

Lea Cabeen presented the proposed budget for 2011 which was voted upon and unanimously accepted.

Bruce Behan presented a demonstration of a new website being developed for GNAR explaining that it would address  fundamentals initially but would be updated according to the direction received from the membership.

The status of the proposed Bylaws review was presented by Lela Wright, voted upon and accepted.

Val McGilvery presented the the  2011 slate of office nominations which was voted upon and accepted unanimously as follows:

2011 President                                    Lela Wright – Stone Ridge Properties
2011 President – Elect                        Craig Holt – Re/Max on the River
2011 Treasurer                                    Sally Laffely – Laffely Real Estate Associates
2011 Secretary                                    Linda Knight – Coldwell Banker Res. Brokerage

Immediate Past President                   Mary Holmes – Heritage Realty Associates

Local Directors
Term ending 2013                    M. Lea Cabeen – Keller Williams
Term ending 2012                    Susan Dougherty – Coldwell Banker Res. Brokerage
Term ending 2011                    Barbara Moynahan – Keller Williams

2010 State Directors
Term ending 2011                    Mary Holmes – Heritage Realty Associates
Term ending 2011                    Lela Wright – Stone Ridge Properties

2010 Alternate State Directors
Term ending 2010                    Steve St. Arnault – Stone Ridge Properties
Term ending 2010                    Louise Lingerman – Re/Max on the River

Website Notes

The current website banner “Newburyport Harbor” comes by courtesy of Sue Hayes. We would like to rotate with appropriate banners submitted by our membership.


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