Dues and Benefits

It’s that time again, You will soon be receiving your Invoice for your GNAR, MAR and NAR 2011 Dues,  if you haven’t already. Realizing we are in a difficult economic period,  your Board of Directors   have voted not to increase the GNAR dues this year.

On the other side of the coin, its a good time to take note of some of the free and cost saving percs afforded you through your membership in GNAR. Click on the link below to explore some the many benefits available. I’m sure you will agree that your membership is a worthy investment.

Membership Benefits

More about this site

May we bring to to your attention to some of the current features within the site that you may care to explore. At the Blogroll in the right menu column You might try MAR Press Room for Massachusetts related news items or Realty Times for real estate News and market conditions on a broader platform. We will be adding or deleting  links and changing the content of the site to the preference of our membership as the site continues in its development.

Once again we remind you; to receive automatic email notice of new postings please subscribe to the site as provided at the top of the menu’.

Your Board of Directors wishes you and yours; a Happy and safe Thanksgiving day.


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