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There will not be a weekly meeting or caravan tomorrow, Thursday, February 17 due to school vacation week/President’s Day holiday.   We will will resume both next week, on 2/24.

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MAR Report: Posted: 22 Feb 2011 07:21 AM PST
Massachusetts home sales continue to go up in January
Today MAR released the January 2011 housing data and for the 2nd straight month, single-family home sales were up compared to the year before.  However, while sales were up for two straight months, median prices were down for two straight months.  Condo sales and median prices were both down in January as well.  The number of homes for sale continued to go up, but January was the first single-digit percentage increase after six straight months of double-digit percentage increases.  Our feeling is that the snow had an impact on the number of homes for sale in January.

Click here to see the January 2011 Housing Release and listen to the monthly podcast with MAR President Laurie Cadigan.
Highlights from the release:

  • Single-family home sales were up 13.1% compared to last year (for the 2nd straight month)
  • Single-family median prices were down 5.2% (for the 2nd straight month)
  • Condo sales were down 5.2% compared to the same time last year.
  • The median price for a condo was down 3.9% compared to last year.

Annual Legislative Luncheon – The Ale House, 33 Main Street,  Amesbury
The Amesbury Chamber of Commerce & Industrial Foundation invites you to attend the Annual Legislative Luncheon on Friday, March 4 beginning at 11:30 a.m.  This luncheon forum will feature U. S. Congressman John Tierney, Senator Steven Baddour and Representative Michael Costello.  Find out how pending legislation in Boston and Washington will affect  your cost of doing business and cost of living.  Get updates on important economic development projects happening in Amesbury.  Click here to register: Members $20      Non-Members $25

Wells Fargo Presents: The fourth annual live broadcast of Brian Buffini! Broadcast live and simultaneously at three different MA cinemas, see and hear the some of America’s top real estate experts, to include Brian Buffini, offer time-tested ideas to help you serve more homebuyers.

Who are the post-recession homebuyers of 2011, and how do they view homeownership, money and responsibility? Have the events of the past five years dampened the American dream? Or is a “New Normal” emerging on which to base our business strategies? Learn what market research and trend analysis tells us we can expect going forward.  This year’s dynamic program will help you understand:

  • The attitudes and behaviors of buyers in today’s home purchase market
  • How to work together as legislative change continues to impact the real estate and mortgage lending industries
  • How to go beyond surviving — and thrive in any market

This event is Thursday, March 24 — 2pm-4:45pm.  Don’t be left in the lobby!  A full house is expected.  Reserve your seat right away.  Click the link here to enroll — Burlington or Framingham.  Any questions, please contact Lance T. Adie, Senior Home Mortgage Consultant, Phone: 978-524–2547 Cell: 978-853-6512


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