Weekly News for GNAR – May 30

CARAVAN and Weekly Meeting

There will not be a caravan tomorrow due to low submissions.  We will be having a meeting and you are encouraged to attend to learn more about Realtor Day on the Hill and the legislative issues pending.  Steve St. Arnault, RVP of Government Affairs for MAR,  and Brian Doherty of MAR will present.

Tour will resume next week, covering both sides of the river.  Also at next Thursday’s meeting, June 7, we will have Lisa Fiandaca from Mass Housing presenting.

Realtor Day on the Hill (Beacon Hill)
Monday, June 4th

This Monday, June 4, members of GNAR will travel to Boston for the annual REALTOR Day on the Hill.  Each year, current pending topics of legislation are highlighted by association members from all over Massachusetts with their local legislators.  This years topics of concern are detailed here: http://www.marealtor.com/content/upload/AssetMgmt/Documents/Gov%20Affairs/2012%20Day%20on%20Hill%20Agenda%20-%20Website.pdf

Tomorrow Brian Doherty and Steve St. Arnault speaking on these topics.  Please come to the meeting to learn more.  GNAR Members will travel via MBTA Commuter Rail (7:55am departure time NBPT/North Station).  The keynote speaker for Day on the Hill will be Aaron Gornstein, Undersecretary for the Department of Housing and Community Development.  Continental breakfast is at 9:30AM in the Great Hall and the program runs from 10-11AM.   For return train schedules visit:  http://www.mbta.com/schedules_and_maps/rail/lines/?route=NBRYROCK&direction=O&timing=W&RedisplayTime=Redisplay+Time

Upcoming Education at GNAR

June 18 – Code of Ethics (8:30-11:30) and NH Core Classes (12:30-3:30).  The next offering of the Code of Ethics will be on November 5.

Upcoming Save the Date(s) . . . 

June 5 – Vote on funding for the Bresnahan/Sr. Center/Molin Project
June 7 – Mass Housing – Lisa Fiandaca of Mass Housing will speak to GNAR Members.


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