GNAR News – March 5, 2014

Please join us tomorrow – March 6
Featured Speaker:
Amesbury Mayor Gray

Mayor Gray

We look forward to welcoming the new Amesbury Mayor Ken Gray.

Be sure to attend and learn about the happenings within the Town of Amesbury.  Refreshments sponsored by Lance Adie of Bank of America at 8:45am with Mayor speaking at 9am.  

Please arrive before 9am.

MLS PIN Training

Contact Manager Upgrade – June 3, 2014

Pinergy’s Contact Manager module has been around for a little over a year, and many of our customers have been seeing the benefits of upgrading, including amazing new tools to expertly manage clients and properties. Those who have upgraded enjoy automatic property match notifications as often as every 15 minutes, improved map functionality, expanded client information fields, and integration with a new iPad app. Still on the fence? June 3rd, 2014 is the cut-off for a mandatory upgrade, which gives you plenty of time to attend a free, hands-on training session (clickHERE to register), or to watch the full Contact Manager video (find it HERE). Don’t wait any longer, upgrade now, and you’ll be on the way to improving customer service for all of your contacts.


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