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RPAC Comedy Fundraiser Results

Thank you to all that came to our first (and perhaps annual) event to benefit RPAC.  We had a great time with three very funny and talented comedians performing.  The event helped raise funds toward the REALTOR Political Action Committee (RPAC) and PAF (Political Action Fund).

Ticket sales and proceeds from the incredible gift basket silent action totalled $2,145, which means GNAR has exceeded both the participation and fundraising goals set by MAR for 2016.

Please note, for 2017, RPAC contributions can be made when paying your annual dues invoice or at next years event, such as the Comedy Night.  Your participation is voluntary, and supports local political candidates (RPAC) that support legislation with a positive impact on the real estate industry.  PAF funds are for legislative issues at the National level and are not candidate specific.  For more information on the importance of RPAC, including the most recent Call For Action (CFA) please visit http://www.realtor.org/topics/rpac

Photos from the event can be viewed here http://gallery.hydren.net/comedy

Thank you again to our sponsors
for this special evening

sponsors for comedy night


Your RPAC dollars at work!  

Both the National and State Associations have recently sent emails asking for you to participate in a Call For Action.  It takes less than a minute to respond, so please click thru so our legislators see first hand the voice of REALTORS at the State and Nation level.

We are happy to report that GNAR leads the State on the NAR CFA with 21.09% response rate.  If you haven’t yet, please don’t delay, click below today!

Call for Action: Pass HR 3700

Thursday – Broker OH and Luncheons

Search for the latest Broker Open House offerings using MLS PIN.  Search for Broker OH (next 3 days) and you’ll see all the listings with a broker bus icon offered in our area.   Learn the market, see the listings!  Reminder:  On flyers for luncheons, these must be sent as jpeg file to be included in the newsletter.

FREE CEU/Marketing Session offered 
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