Weekly Broker Tour

Broker Open Houses on Thursdays…

  1. Property tour requests should be entered into the MLS system as a BROKER OH using the bus symbol.  The listing can be entered anytime but should be no later than noon on Wednesday to ensure maximum viewing by Realtors.
  2. PLEASE schedule properties nearest to Newburyport/Plum Island in the 10-11am timeframe, properties outside Newburyport should be scheduled 11-noon.
  3. Broker OH Luncheons should also be entered in MLS in the same manner, and should indicate starting time (no earlier than noon) and ending time.  If you want a flyer included in the newsletter to promote an Open House luncheon, please submit to GNAR asap, before noon on Wednesday, in .jpeg format.
  4. Any questions regarding the weekly newsletter should be directed to GNAR at 978-462-5415.  Late submissions (after noon on Wednesday, cannot be put in the newsletter).  If you have the information earlier, please submit as soon as available.

Please support your fellow Realtors by visiting their scheduled open houses and/or luncheons.

Last revised July 2015


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